Several private and state-subsidized organizations offer support for Swiss companies in foreign markets. What makes us different?

Ascent is on site.

Thanks to branch offices in most Eastern European countries, we can act quickly and efficiently. We provide our services in the target country. This results in cost advantages: you receive services that meet Swiss standards at local prices.

We are not consultants.

Ascent’s work is not limited to giving advice. We identify with a project and lead it proactively to success. In doing so, we take over all operational tasks on the ground.

We know the target countries.

Ascent works only in countries whose language, business culture and business we have been familiar with for decades. However, we do not have to push customers to a particular location. Thanks to our competence in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe, we are able to respond to customers’ needs without any prejudice.

We take on responsibility.

Ascent is not merely an intermediary, but controls the resources used actively. In the field we act as if we were part of the customer company itself.
Our local representations are not a loose network of representative offices: All Eastern European offices are managed directly by the Swiss management.