Translations and Interpreting

Translations and Interpreting

Swiss quality in translation services

Ascent‘s owner Michael Derrer is a member of the Swiss Association for Translators, Interpreters and Terminologists ASTTI. He is a German native speaker, speaks excellent Russian, French, English and Romanian, fluent Italian, Polish and Spanish and also has good knowledge in Ukrainian, Belarusian, Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian.
You can find further information on the personal site of Michael Derrer.

Thoughts from practice as a translator and interpreter (Michael Derrer)

A network of professionals.

Ascent has native-speaker translators in all Eastern European and Western European languages. We have experience in the translation of texts in the fields of finance, technology, usage instructions, contracting and diplomas and interpreting for all business purposes. Our customers in this area include well-known industrial companies, international trading companies and the Swiss news agency Swissinfo.

Pilot project Swissinfo Russian (reference project)
You can rely on an experienced Swiss specialist and his staff for your translation and interpreting needs.