Intercultural Seminars

Intercultural Seminars

Business success in Russia, Ukraine and CIS

Since 2007, the Russian and Eastern Europe specialist Michael Derrer in cooperation with SwissExport has been holding a seminar for Swiss executives.


  • Key economic data and current dynamics
  • Culture and intercultural competence
  • Business etiquette and key moments in creating lasting business relationships
  • Procedure for the selection of suitable partner companies
  • Negotiations
  • Dealing with everyday business
  • Market entry options and strategies
  • Typical errors and strategies to minimize risks
  • Transport, export proceedings and customs


Russia and the CIS have become interesting markets for Western exporters. Even in the current environment, the hunger of consumers for Western quality goods is unbroken, and the modernization of Russian industry creates opportunities for Western equipment. Practical knowledge about the business management of your customers, suppliers and employees and about the local economic environment is essential for successful cooperation and allows you to avoid the typical mistakes of Western companies. You will get to know the right communication and negotiation strategies in order to successfully establish and maintain your business relations with Russia and other CIS countries in the long term.

Target audience

Executives from management, distribution, export, marketing and sales


Michael Derrer, Mag. Rer. Publ., Business consultant and interpreter for Russia and Eastern Europe.