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Quickly and safely on Eastern European sales or procurement markets.

In the selection of business partners, western companies usually rely on random contacts. But the fact that a contact person speaks good English does not mean that he/she will perceive your interests in the best possible way. A hasty decision can be expensive.
Business negociations in Eastern Europe still differ in many respects from western standards. For example, personal relationships remain very important: Eastern Europeans want to do business with persons they know not only through phone or e-mail contacts. Building relationships based on trust makes the future predictable, even in an imperfect institutional environment.
Negotiations require cultural sensitivity in order to properly interpret the actions of the strategically thinking Eastern Europeans and react appropriately.

Our Services

  • Systematic search, selection and verification of Eastern European suppliers and distributors
  • Support for market positioning, product customization and adaption of information material to local requirements
  • Development of marketing and PR concepts and support for their implementation
  • Support for the handling of import and customs formalities

Project experience (Selection)

  • Search for distributors in Russia for manufacturers of interior design objects
  • Systematic selection of fine mechanics suppliers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on behalf of a well-known Swiss company
  • Selection of distributors in Poland for a Swiss manufacturer of food additives
  • Organizing the visit of Romanian metal construction companies to a supplier for the chemical industry in Basel