Our Offer

Support in an environment with pitfalls

The expansion of your activities to Central Eastern Europe and Russia leads to many opportunities. But success does not fall into one’s lap: the rapidly changing economic environment, legacies of real existing socialism and the not-yet completed economic transformation can initially provide quite some headaches for a Swiss company accustomed to a transparent and stable environment.

Incomplete information, bureaucracy, peculiarities of the mentality, or the lack of quality awareness of the newly recruited staff are among the difficulties that one has to face. Attempts to enter the market without professional support can be costly.

Ascent Swiss Business Management AG has the knowledge of the economies, legal frameworks, languages and business cultures of the Central and Eastern European countries. Our local presence allows you to access all necessary resources and control the processes.

We accelerate the implementation of your project through improved decision-making, the identification of the risks and by reducing them to a minimum. Through our support, your project costs are contained, and your own work becomes more productive as you can concentrate on your core competences.

Our services for market entry consist of three stages:

Detect: Information for sound decisions.

Ascent collects the data necessary for your project, analyzes economic developments of individual markets, collects background information on companies, and provides legal information.

Access : Under way with the right partners.

Choosing suitable business partners predetermines the success of your business. Ascent selects the appropriate partner companies in the target country.

Invest: Security for your investment project.

An investment project requires a long start-up period. In order to enable you to act quickly on the spot, Ascent takes on a broad range of tasks: from the choice of location and establishment of the local branch office, through contacts with the authorities to operational accounting services.