INVEST: Implement projects quickly and safely.


Our coordination accelerates your investment project.

Many successful examples show that high-quality production in Central and Eastern European countries results in a fraction of the costs incurred in Western Europe. The prerequisite is sound planning and an intensive commitment on the spot in the build-up phase.
According to a study by the University of St.Gallen, “Many projects fail because of the lack of internal resources, such as experienced employees who are willing to build up a branch at a foreign location during one or two years. But professional on-site support is crucial, e.g. in the form of a cooperation partner who supports the company for all issues, from the choice of the location to the search for suitable employees. Intensive contacts with licensing authorities, local politicians and companies are imperative, particularly in Eastern Europe, in order to quickly find non-bureaucratic solutions. “(from hte Study “Relocating or not? The Future of the Manufacturing Industry in Switzerland”, University of Sankt-Gallen 2004)

By taking over a wide array of services, Ascent becomes the extended arm of your company in Eastern Europe. We will relieve you and your employees, unfamiliar with Eastern Europe, and thereby accelerate the implementation of your investment project and avoid unnecessary risks and expenses.

Our Services

  • Evaluation of business locations, search for investment objects and support in negotiations
  • Legal aspects of founding local branches, fiduciary function and taking over your local accounting
  • Obtain permits and taking over the visits to the authorities
  • Representation of your interests in administrative and political bodies

Project experience (Selection)

  • Ascent is mandated by a leading German automotive supplier to evaluate potential production sites
  • Founding branch offices of Western companies, e.g. in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Belarus
  • Search for suitable industrial properties for a German company in Bulgaria
  • Our Moscow subsidiary takes over the formal employment of foreign employees in the Russian Federation, pays their wages and takes over payroll services