DETECT: Information is the key to success.



Decisions require specific information.

In Eastern Central Europe and Russia, information is often little transparent and poorly processed. Oftentimes, western companies make decisions based on superficial judgments or on macro criteria. The specific conditions in the respective region and sector are neglected.

Do you know your market?

E.g. purchasing power statistics of the Eastern European countries can be fallacious. They ignore income gained in the shadow economy. But only those who know the conditions in their specific market are in a position to make the right decisions.
The preparation of a direct investment should not only consist of the search for “cheap labor”. Tax competition among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is just one of many factors to be taken into account. Which region has the best relation of opportunities, costs and risks for your industry? Can the disadvantages of a location be compensated by sensible organization?

Our services

  • Studies on the economic development of individual countries and regions
  • Data collection, market assessment and comprehensive market studies
  • Market entry and risk analysis, elaboration of risk minimization strategies
  • Obtaining background information about Eastern European companies
  • Legal information and recommendations

Project experience (Selection)

  • For the launching of a mineral water in Eastern Europe, a customer commissions a study on the competitive environment in four Eastern European countries.
  • The world market leader for industrial seals asks Ascent to analyze the potential of the Russian and Ukrainian markets.
  • Ascent conducts a representative survey in the Republic of Moldova about the availability of workers and the wages effectively paid.