Forthcoming Study Tours

The Ukrainian capital Kiev becomes one of our main destinations for study tours

Forthcoming Study tours

Due to the coronavirus crisis, all scheduled study tours have been deferred to 2021.

Study tour to Kiev, 5 – 10 April 2021

For students of the Master «Public and Nonprofit Management» and of the ISA – module

The focus of this tour lies on

  • Reforms of the public sector
  • Switzerland’s assistance in the peace process in Eastern Ukraine
  • The role of NGOs receiving aid from Switzerland
  • The issue of corruption

Study tour to Poland and Ukraine, 19 – 23 April 2021

For students of the “Management & Law” – Bachelor

The tour aims to illustrate the necessity to choose radically different business strategies in a country with legal certainty as compared to one, in which the judicial system is deficient – which can result in the insecurity of property rights and contractual agreements.

The tour starts in Warsaw and will lead us in a journey by train through the Polish city of Lublin and across the border to Ukraine. The trip ends in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Visits to foreign companies in both countries and to institutions of the judicial system are part of the program.

Study tour to St.-Petersburg, 16 – 22 May 2021

The objective of this tour is to obtain a short but deep glimpse into Russian reality.

For this purpose, participants actively participate in all elements of the program. This means that passive listening to lectures or mere sightseeing is avoided. Instead, participants engage in active searching, researching, producing, playing and communicating activities, which allows them taking part in the foreign environment and will lead to stronger didactic results.

A one-day trip to the countryside (“real Russia”) will complete the experience.

Study tour to (Ukraine or Bulgaria), May 30 – June 5, 2021

For business psychology students of the module “Economic sociology”

The perspective of economic sociology allows insights into the contextual conditions of economic behavior, which is always embedded into culture, institutions, structures and relations of power.

After an introduction to the work of eminent economic sociologists, old and new, students apply this perspective to chosen aspects in a foreign country. This approach of “estrangement” in an unknown environment is a fruitful method for intellectual advancement.

The tour abroad represents the last part of the module. In order to obtain supplementary insights into the reality of a foreign environment, we will cooperate with economic sociologists in the host country.

Students will conduct a short personal research in the form of a survey of the local population, in cooperation with students of the host country.

Study tour to Bucharest, September 2021

For students of the Master «Public and Nonprofit Management» and of the ISA – module

The focus of this tour, which is a partial rerun of our previous tour from 2019, lies on

  • The functioning of the public sector on different federal levels
  • The role of NGOs receiving aid from Switzerland in modernizing Romania’s societal and political environment
  • The conditions for foreign companies doing business in Romania