Assignments and individual course work

Research on the spot is part of the concept – here in Moscow

Assignment and individual course work

​For each tour we prepare a reader and distribute it to participants in advance, in order to allow preparing for the academic part abroad. In this way, participants are able to benefit even more from the contact with local specialists. The reader includes selected economic and sociological analyses as well as recent newspaper articles on current topics.

If the participants wish to acquire ECTS, they are requested to complete the assignments of the module: 

Individual Assignments

Students compile a SWOT analysis of the destination country.

Students watch documentary films about the host country and summarize their learnings.

Assignment II

The students write a report about a topic related to the destination country.

Typical topics include the following:

A/ Marketing for a region of the host country in order to attract foreign investors

B/ Develop a business plan for an idea suited for the local context

C/ Analyze a Public Policy or a function of the state and the need for reforms

D/ Conceive an assistance project which could be submitted to a donor agency

E/ Compare the news coverage from different countries about a particular topic