HSLU Study Tours

HSLU Study Tours

Our Unknown Neighbours: Perspectives for Business and Society in Eastern Europe

A unique offer for HSLU students

Study Tours to Eastern Europe are part of several study programs of Lucerne University for Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Luzern). The respective modules are offered by Michael Derrer.

The staff of the company ASCENT acts as a service provider for the tours and prepares the program, coordinates the speakers and provides logistical assistance.

A multilevel learning experience

The study tours aim to provide a multi-level learning experience pursuing several didactic objectives, among which

  • Understanding the economic, political and societal environment of a particular country
  • Immersion into the local cultural context
  • Interacting with local entrepreneurs, officials and social activists

During the Study Tour, students retrace the transformational process since the end of the communist regimes, learn about business opportunities, and explore present challenges the country faces.

The program includes academic lectures, visits of companies and NGOs, and observation of the specific historical heritage.

Fair pricing

We are able to offer the Study Tour at a fair price adapted to limited students’ budgets. The price ceiling for HSLU students is communicated on the HSLU – webpage anouncements.