Profound specialist knowledge

A playful seminar on international relations at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow

Profound specialist knowledge

Up to 3 academic lessons, presentations or seminars are held per day by local experts with excellent command of the English language. Topics can include the following:


  • The past in the present: How does history influence on present challenges the country faces
  • The historic legacy of state socialism and its traces in today’s economy and society
  • Transformations: the path from the communist planned economies to today’s specific forms of market economies during the past 30 years 

Politics and policies

  • Geopolitics: positions in the international setting
  • International Integrational Processes
  • Controversial issues of today’s domestic policies of the host country
  • Governance: how does the state act locally? Modes of public management and modernization efforts. 


  • The economic environment: opportunities for business
  • Foreign capital and its influence on economic modernization.

Culture and sociology

  • Intercultural challenges for foreigners
  • Corruption and informal economic practices and their relation to local culture
  • Specificities of the local business culture.
  • Consumer values and local consumption trends

Social issues

  • Local NGOs and their role in modernizing society and politics
  • Foreign donors’ assistance projects, especially those supported with Swiss public funds