Swiss Institute for Quality Standards

Nature and purpose of SIQS

SIQS has the legal form of an association according to art. 60 – 79 of the Swiss civil code. It was founded and registered in 2006.

The aim of SIQS is to promote a holistic quality concept, especially in the countries of East and Central Europe and in the CIS. 

The SIQS holistic quality concept includes the fair treatment and transparent information of all stakeholders (staff, suppliers, customers, society, the state, the environment) and an honest way of conducting business.

The SIQS „quality certificate“

The SIQS „quality certificate“ honors achievements of companies regarding the quality of their products and services, as well as of their management and procedures. On the other hand, the reception of the SIQS „quality certificate“ is conditioned on the adherence of the company management to the SIQS holistic quality concept.

We underline that the SIQS „quality certificate“ is an image building tool. It is meant to increase the visibility of companies and of its representatives by underlining their commitment towards quality goals. In this way, SIQS aims to contribute to a positive development of the corporate cultures in the target countries.

SIQS „quality certificates“ are granted based on a credibility check. We underline that no SIQS „quality certificate“ has been awarded as a result of any technical testing procedure. The following elements are part of the credibility check: possession of other valid quality certificates, such as those based on ISO norms; positive coverage about the company and its representatives in the media; no unexplainable bad coverage about the company and its representatives in the media; a positive feedback by our correspondent organisation in the recipient’s residence country about the company and its representatives; as well as the written commitment of the recipient company to further strive towards a holistic quality perspective.

The reception of a SIQS „quality certificate“ does not include the right to use SIQS‘ logo on products, leaflets or websites of the recipient companies.

Alert: Unlawful use of our logo and brand

Much to our regret, it has come to our attention that an unauthorized and unlawful use has been made of SIQS‘ name and logo by third parties unrelated to SIQS. Without any consent of SIQS whatsoever, the SIQS logo has appeared on cosmetics and dietary products, and also on company websites. Examples for this unlawful use of the SIQS logo on products can be found here: 1234.

SIQS has requested in writing that its logo be immediately removed from the respective product packages and that the packages already produced be eliminated. SIQS has also requested the removal of its logo from the third-party websites. Not only do we obviously condemn the unauthorized use of our logo by third parties, we also fear that such a misappropriate use of the SIQS logo can induce customers of the respective companies into error about the contents and effects of these products.

Also, it came to our knowledge that letters were sent out to several companies by another organisation, in which direct reference was made to SIQS, as if SIQS had been the joint author of these letters. SIQS has demanded to immediately stop the unauthorized use of its name and reserves itself the use of legal means in case the unauthorized use of SIQS‘ name and identity should continue.

In case you observe the use of SIQS‘ name and logo that does not correspond to the above concept and principles of SIQS laid out above, or if you are in doubt, whether the use of SIQS‘ name and logo is lawful or not, please contact us.

Swiss Institute for Quality Standards, August 6, 2017